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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Embracing My New Figure

When I discovered that I was pregnant, I experienced the usual whirlwind feelings of joy and awe. Behind these, I was also thinking of the upcoming body changes to either gain or lose weight. Most women say that pregnancy could bring extra weight to one's body. I am naturally thin, so I was excited to at least gain and experience deviating from what is normal to feel adorable.

Much to my expectations, I lost 15 pounds in my first trimester. I was so picky with foods and would throw up most of the time. I lost focus on taking what is nutritious for the growing baby in my belly. I was so sensitive with smell that I could not even take food with garlic. I thought I would lose weight all throughout this pregnancy, but suddenly, in my second trimester, I instantly gained 14 pounds. When I would look down, I could not see anything past my belly button! So here is the big change now. What a marvel! I now have my new curves. I should embrace my new figure. I know that my growing, beautiful belly is keeping my baby safe inside.

Now as I am in my third trimester, when I put on my maternity clothes, it makes me more comfortable. It highlights my swelling belly and I get that splendidly amiable, sensual feeling of pregnancy. I always feel hungry but I do not fret over foods and I do not count calories, instead I concentrate on how eating helps build a new life. My weight gain as of this time is not alarming though, so, I got a great excuse! Certainly, I feel the joy of having my body change. Learning to accept these changing figures is a bit challenging. For some, it gives negative emotions especially on dealing with all those extra pounds. As I now savor this last trimester left, I expect for more weight gain and different changes. I know that one day, I will miss my belly when I am no longer pregnant.

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